The Perfect Choice

With so many apple varieties available, why should you plant Bigbucks?   Here is why:

Fruit colour is a full red blush

1. Colour

Medium sized fruit has an 80-100% wine red blush or paler cherry red blush with no striation. These eye-catching apples also have a delicious taste that compliments its looks.

Bigbucks promises a packout potential of 90%+

2. Packout

Bigbucks, a new superior clone in the Gala family, promises a packout potential that is 30% greater than most other Gala strains, which translates to an impressive 85%+ packout.

Bigbucks trees can be harvested two times max

3. Picks

Being more consistent in fruit colour, Bigbucks trees can be harvested a maximum of twice compared to other strains that have to be picked multiple times for a similar result.

Bigbucks trees stay true to type

4. Stability

While Gala strains often lose their distinctive colour and patterns with successive generations, Bigbucks trees stay true to type with no reversions to date.

Bigbucks orchards can be planted virtually anywhere on your farm

5. Versatile

Bigbucks trees produce fruit so consistent in colour that you can plant your orchard virtually anywhere on your farm.