Technical information

Owner Pink Vein (Pty) Ltd
Origin Mutation of Corder Gala
Found January 2011 on Oak Valley Estate in the Elgin valley
Plant breeders rights Granted on 21 July 2015
Growth habit Same as Royal Gala
Full bloom date Same as Royal Gala
Harvest Same as Royal Gala
Stability True to type with no reversions to date
Colour of blossom Flower filament is intense pink or red
Leaf characteristics The unique pink or red mid-rib is used to identify the variety after the fruit has been harvested
Fruit colour 80-100% wine red blush with no striation
Fruit size Medium
Fruit stem colour Deep red
Fruit storage To date the same as Royal Gala
Fruit sold under trademark Levy per kilogram: US$ 0.03 for exports, R0.30 for local 1st and 2nd grade
Packout (based on colour) 85% +

Packout results over two seasons

Summary Total %
1st Grade (Value added cartons ¹) 89.45
1st Grade (Non Value added cartons ²) 4.79
Total 1st Grade cartons 94.27
2nd Grade cartons 1.20
3rd Grade cartons 4.53
Total All Grades 100.00
Based on Oak Valley and Beualieu cartons the Bigbucks average packout is 89.45% and the total class 1 packout is 94.27%.

¹ Value added cartons

All fruit/cartons that qualify, both on cosmetic defects and colour, to the Bigbucks standard.

² Non Value added cartons

Fruit/cartons that still qualify as a class 1 Royal Gala but due to defects do not comply with the Bigbucks standard.